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Meet Our Founder

A Lifelong Foodie

Our founder, Kimberly, has been a foodie from a young age. She started out standing on a chair cooking with her Nana and went on to become a professional chef.

It started with biscuits...

It all started on Sunday mornings...Kimberly would stand on a chair in the kitchen next to her Nana making homemade biscuits for Sunday brunch. She even had her own little pan for her "biscuit man" she would make complete with eyes, a nose, a mouth, legs and arms.

From there her passion grew...

Kimberly's passion for cooking continued to grow as she began making her own original desserts and baking birthday cakes for her family. She knew then that our kitchens are the heart and soul of our is where we gather together during the holidays, for special occasions and for everyday dinners.


Kimberly's passion for food, much like one of her culinary heroes, Julia Child, led her to culinary school and into professional kitchens in Kentucky and her home town, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Eventually she left professional cooking behind when she moved down under to Australia, but her passion for cooking never faded!

Kimberly continues to love cooking in her kitchen, surrounded by family and memories are made introducing her Australian family and friends to Thanksgiving, making meals for special occasions and even baking Christmas cookies with her granddaughter!

Fifth Fork was created...

Knowing that these meals are memories in the making, she wants her kitchen to be a place to gather and have fun!

Experiencing first hand how difficult it was to locate high quality, functional kitchenware that provides that extra spark to the kitchen and dining area, led to the creation of Fifth Fork to provide kitchenware for the heart of your home.

Fifth Fork Mission

Kitchenware for the Heart of Your Home

Her vision for Fifth Fork is to bring a line of kitchenware and dinnerware that brings delightful elegance to your kitchen...items that are fresh, fun and elegant with a touch of whimsy while providing products that are high quality, unique, and beautiful.

After all, your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. It's where you come together with family and friends to talk about your day, share stories, enjoy meals together, and celebrate life events!

Fifth Fork will be with you as you create your own special memories in your kitchen...the heart of your home!